PREVIOUSLY: Shooting in Arcata; Streets Closed, Investigation Underway


From the Arcata Police Department:

On 8/7/2014 at about 8:47 am, the Arcata Police Department received several reports of shots fired in the vicinity of 15th and H Streets in Arcata. Witnesses at the scene reported seeing a black male adult in his 20’s fire a handgun at a moving vehicle. After firing several shots the suspect fled on foot and was last seen in the area of the pedestrian foot bridge at 17th and G Streets.

 Two bullets fired by the shooter were located in the wall of a nearby apartment building. One of those bullets was removed from the wall by investigators. The second bullet, however, went through the wall and into the living room of the apartment. It was located on a couch inside the living room.

A third bullet struck an unoccupied parked car.

Arcata Police Investigators performed an exhaustive search for additional evidence or victims. At this time there are no reported injuries as a result of this incident.

The target of the suspect’s shots was reported to have been the occupant(s) of a black 1998-2000 Pontiac Grand Prix. The vehicle was last seen leaving the area at a high rate of speed westbound on 15th Street from H Street.  It is unknown at this time if the person(s) inside the vehicle were injured.