Earlier this morning the Outpost checked in on Dr. Michael Fratkin’s crowdfunding page on Indiegogo, where he has been trying to reach a $100,000 goal to launch a palliative care program and saw that he’d made it! $105,664 raised as of this morning, with just 14 hours left before the deadline.

We texted Dr. Fratkin to congratulate him, and a few minutes later he texted in response, “Holy [expletive]!” 

Evidently this was news to him. “I can only obsessively refresh the site every five minutes!!!” an excited Fratkin explained. 

A few of the most recent donors chose not to disclose the amount they’d donated to his cause, but it must have been significant. As recently as yesterday Fratkin was trying to reach the $70,000-mark because an anonymous donor had offered to chip in the last $30,000 if he could reach that goal. 

While the number of exclamation points in his texts suggest that Fratkin is elated, he’s hoping donors will “keep up the intensity” in the final hours of the campaign. “If we make it to $160,000 we get a real live actual NURSE!!!” he texted.