Ever met a Masshole caught up in the Emerald Triangle dope game? (“Masshole” = someone from Massachusetts.) Sure you have! Lots of East Coast people are involved in the weed industry here.

The new and fresh Ill Mannered Films production A Sea of Green features a total Masshole named Philip Waters (portrayed by a dude named “Alias”) — a loud-mouthed, endearing New Englander that finds himself working “the hill” in Humboldt County after a series of wicked twisted events.

It’s a gritty but humorous, somewhat realistic crime drama centered around weed that starts back east and ends out west, right here in the Emerald Triangle. East Coast-based artist and music video producer Myster DL was the driving force behind this production, and its cast is full of underground musicians and artists from both coasts. NorCal people in the film include Fatbol proprietor and local musician Brian Swislow (B Swizlo), Mr. Garth Cultivader, Brian Sturdivant, Sabrina Ku, Z-man and Michael Marshall.

Humboldt’s own B Swizlo and Piet Dalmolen of Nucleus and Sub Sab fame produced original music for the soundtrack, which features instrumentals off of Humboldt hip hop albums by MC Problematic and Garth Cultivader and an instrumental version of the Nucleus song “Love and Gold.” (Big thanks to B Swizlo for the deets on how Humboldt folks participated in this production!) East Coast hip hop is featured in the film too.

This movie is the perfect holiday gift for people that are down with (or intrigued by) hip hop and weed culture.  Purchase the DVD online for about 20 bucks here. Or, you can score it at the Fatbol store in Arcata and SHC in Garberville.

To avoid spoilage, STOP READING HERE!

The main character Waters is a weed-loving working man based in Lowell, Massachusetts. He gets busted for puffing a joint in his car by “Detective Mendocino” from the local PD. His bust makes the paper. Boom. He gets fired from his job. His girlfriend is a total biatch about the whole thing and she kicks him out.

Waters turns to small-time weed dealing to get back on his feet. His dealer, Bud Fields (Myster DL), agrees to hook Waters up on the front so he can get business going. In this pivotal exchange, Fields drops knowledge on Waters: The only way to make real money is to grow weed and the best weed in the world comes from the Emerald Triangle.

Waters isn’t ready for all that. He is able to do decent business selling bags of “Grim Reefer” all over Lowell, but he runs his mouth during his deals, talks about his connections too much, shit like that. Trouble becomes inevitable. Waters draws attention from shady characters and local law enforcement. DEA agents get involved because they think Water’s rookie ways can lead them to more powerful dealers at the top of the food chain, dealers with connections to big-time weed producers out of Humboldt (Where else?).

The higher ups get hella pissed at Waters. That doesn’t stop him from running his mouth. Fields is caught in the quagmire because he brought Waters into the game in the first place. All this tension comes to a head with an explosion of gun violence in a warehouse.

Waters and Fields become fugitives, and they are exiled to the hill in Humboldt County where they must work for a full outdoor grow season. All the money they earn will go straight to the bosses as reparation for all the bullshit they started.

It’s not exactly an alluring advertisement for renegade dope growing in the hills, but it’s a solid film with a realistic Humboldt vibe. I give it four out of five Larry OG dabs.