UPDATE 2/4 6:20 p.m.: Found with the help of LoCO readers! Here’s the photo.  Somewhat battered but there!
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UPDATE 2/4 11:30 a.m.: Arcata Police Department has confirmed that the Toyota 4Runner has been located by the CHP in the river near Blue Slide Road between Ferndale and Rio Dell. We’re still trying to confirm how it was found and what condition it is in. (Go, Humboldt!  Awesome work on finding this one. There is another vehicle on LoCO’s latest BOLO.  Can we find that one, too?)


Hey, Humboldt, here is the second post in our new series, Be On the Lookout.  Here we highlight stolen items and ask you, the readers, to help your neighbors by passing on any helpful information to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

According to Rebecca Thornton, who, along with her husband, Ray Raygoza, owns R & B Auto in BLue Lake, a ‘88 black Toyota 4Runner they sold to a friend was stolen in Arcata on January 31st.

Thorton is asking LoCO readers to look for the vehicle. She says, “This is happening way [too] much lately and in Blue Lake things are getting out of hand… . Anything with TOYOTA is a hot item around here, we know well.”

Above and below are different views of the missing pickup.  Look for this vehicle and help make crime more difficult in our communities.

The Arcata Police has confirmed the vehicle as being stolen. Please contact the them at 822-2428 or 822-2424 if you have any information about its whereabouts.


If you have a stolen item that you would like the LoCO community to help you find, please send photos, the police report number, the agency to which you reported the item missing, and any appropriate additional information to kym@lostcoastoutpost.com

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