UPDATE 2/10 11 a.m.: The Urn was found but the remains of the family member were not found. More below the photos. (See asterisk*)


Here’s the next post in our new series, Be On the Lookout. Here we highlight stolen items and ask you, the readers, to help your neighbors by passing on any helpful information to the appropriate law enforcement agency. 

February 4th at 3 p.m, a young adult male, shown in a still taken from surveillance video shot at the scene of the crime (see below,) went to the Ocean View Cemetery in Eureka and removed glass from the niche of a person interred there. Then the suspect removed and [allegedly] stole brass fixtures as well as the urn (also see photo below.)

The urn is bronze with gold plating. There are metal letters glued across the bottom which spell out the deceased name.  However, the letters could have been removed.

The family of the person whose remains are missing is very distressed and asks for your help getting the urn returned. A family member notes that this woman whose remains are missing was a 50 year member of the Eastern Star and affiliated with the Masons, Humboldt Watch #79. She was born in Carlotta in the early 1900’s and her father was born in Trinidad in the 1800’s. 

If you have seen anything that might help, information can be called in to the Eureka Police Department at 441-4040 and 441-4044.

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UPDATE 2/11 4:05 p.m.:

Eureka Police Department Press Release:

On 2-4-2014, between 3:00 – 3:30 PM, a male subject entered the chapel at the Ocean View Cemetery and removed an urn holding cremated remains.

The subject is described as a white male in his thirties wearing dark shoes with white soles, blue jeans, a gray hooded sweatshirt with writing on the front and a black baseball cap, when he enters. The subject changed his clothing to a grey short sleeved t-shirt with a checkered pattern on the front and donned a dark beanie cap with a white stripe. The suspect carried the urn away under a tan coat he carried with him.

Attached is a picture of an urn similar in shape and design to the one stolen.

The Eureka Police Department is asking for any information that could lead to the return of the remains to the family. If you have information regarding this theft, please contact Officer Harkness 707-441-4060.

*UPDATE 2/10 11 a.m.:

According to Sgt. Steve Watson of the Eureka Police Department, the urn has been located. Unfortunately the family member’s ashes have not been located. 

Watson said that the person who found the urn had read the Lost Coast Outpost’s story and knew to call the Eureka Police Department.  The urn was located in the bushes in the 2900 block of “B” Street last night.

Anyone may call in an anonymous tip to give information to the whereabouts of the ashes. Hopefully, someone will lead the family to the remains of their loved one by calling 441-4060.


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If something belonging to you was stolen and you would like the LoCO community to help you to find it, please send photos, the police report number, the agency to which you reported the item missing, and any appropriate additional information to mskymkemp@gmail.com.