[LoCO contributing photographer Mark McKenna attended the funeral for Fr. Eric Freed, held yesterday at Sacred Heart Church in Eureka, and sent in the following images. -AG] 

Bishop Robert Vasa leaves the altar during the final moments of a 24 hour vigil for slain Catholic Priest Father Eric Freed.

The line stretched far at Sacred Heart Church in Eureka, California for those who attended.

The church was filled to capacity with mourners. According to church officials they had capacity for 1,000 people.

Eureka mayor Frank Jäger.

Bishop Vasa presides over the funeral mass.

An alter altar boy holds the cross as he leads the procession.

Bishop Vasa, flanked by several priests, prepares to exit the church at the conclusion of the funeral mass.

 Bishop Vasa presides over the internment ceremony at Ocean View Cemetery.

A priest shakes holy water on the casket.

Stanley Fosnaugh released three white doves representing faith, hope, and love during the internment ceremony.