UPDATE 7/20 11:20 p.m.: The Redwood Acres Raceway site is now saying, “Donnie is in good condition. He has a fractured lower vertebrae and waiting on word about surgery.”

UPDATE 7/20 9:31 a.m.: According to  Lissa Uselton, media manager at Redwood Acres Raceway, ”Early this morning Donny was flown to the hospital in Santa Rosa.” At this point, she said, they don’t know more about his condition. “As soon as we hear more information we’ll release it,” she added.

As to photos and videos of the accident that she had originally planned to post today, she explained, “We’re holding pictures and video because, if it is something really bad, it is something we’ll never show.” 


Update 10:19 p.m.: According to Lissa Uselton, media manager at Redwood Acres Raceway, four or five cars “got into it. It was the most chaotic race that I’ve seen in the 14 years that I’ve been here.” She went on to describe the accident as incredible. ”Donnie [Hyman] hit the car in front of him,” she said. “He went straight up totally vertical. His bumper touched the ground.” But he did not flip, she said. Hyman was extracted from his car and taken to St. Joseph Hospital. She won’t know for awhile how he is doing.

Photos of the accident will be up by tomorrow on the Redwood Acres Raceway website.


Original post: CHP dispatch and scanner traffic indicate there has been a serious accident at the Redwood Acres Raceway. Two vehicles were involved in a crash. At least one person was injured. 

According to Mark Ahrens who often takes photographs for the track, during a bomber class race, car #38 #58 driven by Donnie Hyman flipped [wrecked] and “he ended up in the infield.” Hyman was injured. He was taken to St. Joseph Hospital.  

Hyman in car #58. This photo was taken earlier this month. [Photo by Mark Ahrens.]

Ahrens said, “The races this season are very competitive. Everyone is really working hard to earn their points.” Ahrens added, “Donny is a great guy.” Hopefully, he recovers quickly from his injuries.

Today is stock car racing at Redwood Acres. [Graphic from here.]