A: To watch Planet of the Apes, apparently.

LoCO was unable to reach Howard for comment. But young local movie buffs were no doubt surprised by the presence of an eight-time NBA All-star during their trip to Eureka’s Broadway Cinema last night.

The above photo was submitted to LoCO’s Facebook page by Kenny Carswell of Eureka late last night. Initially, we were skeptical about whether or not we were actually looking at the Houston Rockets center. Then we came across this second photo on Instagram, which means this rumor passes LoCO’s “Two Makes It True” frivolous journalizm test.

(For further verification, please note the wristband clearly visible in that second photo and compare it to the last photo posted a week ago on Howard’s personal Instagram account. Kinda matchy, no?) 

In a related note, while we were wasting time clicking around Instagram we also came across this photo of Howard geotagged at “Trinidad Bay, California.” This particular ‘gram was posted by a woman who added the caption: “Thanks Dwight for allowing me to be your Realtor.”  

Well now!

(Below: D-How in HumCo)