Orange lights as videotaped from a moving vehicle. [Sent in by reader.]

Two Makes It True, right? For this oddball category LoCO has to have two reports and, by George, we have a doozy.

Two people reported seeing orange lights in the skies over the Samoa peninsula last night around 9:30 p.m. The two, unknown to each other, reported the same sight from different places on the peninsula.

The first person wrote to LoCO that she saw “[s]everal slow moving orange lights. Too slow to be planes or meteors, etc.”

The second person wrote about the situation on her Facebook page. (This was noted by this reporter who reached out to question her) She later described the event this way— “The objects came low like [they took] off from the south Jetty area.”  She said there were “two sets of six or so about ten minutes apart. Saw the first two & immediately thought what the [hell] is that… then more sometimes forming triangular patterns before disappearing into high altitude.”

She went on to write, “The take off point had to be close by. [T]hey were low & bright at first… My only rationale was they took off from a ship @ sea or the coast guard station. I’m used to choppers & planes but this looked very different. Called my family out in the yard to watch the second set.. it was wierd. I’m not a ufo enthusiasts or anything, but [it] creeped me out…  

So, Humboldt, any ideas on what these orange lights could be?