UPDATED Poster March 3:

Eureka Police Department Press Release:

On February 28, 2014, the Eureka Police Department unveiled its new “Eureka’s Most Wanted” poster listing subjects presently being sought by EPD for theft related offenses. This policing strategy is an effort to reduce the number of property crimes being committed in our City by reaching out to the public for help in locating and swiftly apprehending these serial offenders.

The public has responded impressively. Within 24 hours, EPD has already arrested 4 of the individuals depicted in our most wanted list. All 4 arrests were made with help from citizens in our community, who provided the tips and information that directly led to these apprehensions.

  • Megan Nicol Carbonneau (age 34) was taken into custody at 8:00 AM today at a motel on the 1900 block of Broadway after a citizen was shown the most wanted poster and identified her as a possible guest of the motel. Carbonneau was wanted on multiple (4) warrants alleging possession of stolen property, burglary, petty theft, and drug possession.
  • Casie Lynne Dean (age 28) was taken into custody today at 11:39 AM after a citizen called in a sighting at a pharmacy on the 1400 block of Broadway. Dean was wanted on a warrant alleging possession of stolen property.
  • Amber Elise Welch (age 34) was taken into custody at 12:25 PM today on the 1000 block of California Street after she was called in by a citizen. Welch was wanted on warrants alleging burglary, petty theft, and drug possession.
  • Eleanor Beatrice Gonzales (age 44) was taken into custody at 1:55 PM today at a residence on the 1600 block of G Street along with another subject, Anthony Robertson, who had a felony warrant for drug related offenses. EPD went to the residence based on leads obtained from citizens. Gonzalez was wanted on multiple (5) warrants alleging petty theft with a prior, fraud, and violation of her supervised release.

The Eureka Police Department extends our thanks to these citizens for their help in today’s arrests. Community participation like this is vital to our mission to enhance safety and the quality of life in Eureka.

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2/28/14 EPD Press Release

The Eureka Police Department understands theft related crimes are a genuine concern to the citizens of our community. Though we are taking positive steps to improve this problem, Eureka currently has one of the highest per-capita property crime rates in California for a city our size.

Experience shows that when people commit property crimes, they continue to offend until apprehended. For this reason, the Eureka Police Department will be publishing our “Eureka’s Most Wanted” poster. The wanted individuals depicted on this list are presently being sought by EPD for theft related offenses. EPD is reaching out to the community for their help in locating these suspects.

Anyone encountering the listed subjects should not attempt to contact or apprehend them, but rather call the Eureka Police Department immediately at (707) 441-4044 or (707) 441-4060. The “Most Wanted” list will be updated on an ongoing basis. However, all warrants must first be verified prior to arrest as their status is subject to change.