Fred Phelps, the controversial leader of Topeka’s Westboro Baptist church is on his deathbed, say family members. Phelps is usually the one guy everyone at your dinner party that everybody agrees is a ‘totally bad person.’

Question: It’s not OK to celebrate Fred Phelps’ imminent death, right? 

Answerers: LoCO’s Pastor Bethany Cseh and Pastor @Nate_Downey

Listen to their Biblical bodyslam below, aired live on KHUM earlier today. 


Downey [pictured, second from top] isn’t a huge fan of Mr. Phelps:

“I’m glad that probably the movement will die out in some way… but I can’t say that I’m happy that someone did these things and that they died with that left unresolved without any public apology.” 

Cseh [pictured, bottom] is also frustrated with the Westboro Baptist Church’s activity.

Is there a morally right approach to his death?… With sombody like Fred Phelps, it’s very difficult for people to not jump up and wave a flag that says ‘We are celebrating the death of a monster.’ 

Phelps’ church (sometimes called a hate group) gained notoriety for picketing football games, pop concerts, and most notably, military funerals.

Members would wave signs reading “God Hates Fags” and “Semper Fag” at the bereaved. [Awesome counter protests have also made headlines.] 

Church members say that soldiers’ death is God’s way of punishing America for tolerating homosexuality.