UPDATE, 9:19 p.m.: Multiple updates from commenters are confirmed by your reporter — AT&T DSL, at least, is back online in the Humboldt Bay area as of about 15 minutes ago. Our Frontier boxes in Ferndale are up and running again too.

No word on whether this scary Coast Guard red alert still holds true or not. Exercise safe boating.


There is some sort of mass telecommunications die-off around Humboldt County at the moment. In Eureka, Arcata and Ferndale, customers with AT&T and Frontier are reporting that their Internet is gone. The KHUM and KSLG live streams are dead.

For once, Suddenlink seems to be doing fine, at least in Eureka and Ferndale.

We don’t know what the cause of this thing is yet, but every bit of information helps to track this down. Report in, if you are able!

  • ONE: Is your Internet down?
  • TWO: What is your ISP?
  • THREE: Where are you at?
  • FOUR: What about your phone/cell phone/cable TV?

We can get through this together!