From the Arcata Police Department:

During past Halloween nights, unruly and criminal behavior has resulted in signifcant criminal activity on the Arcata Plaza and within the downtown areas.  This activity has resulted in high value vandalism and property damage, unnecessary injuries, and multiple arrests by the police department. 

Due to this past behavior,  the Arcata Police Department along with officers from other local and state law enforcement agencies will be conducting increased, highly-visible and interactive patrols of the Arcata Plaza and downtown areas throughout Halloween night and weekend.

The Arcata Police Department is committed to maintaining a safe, secure and inviting environment on the Plaza and downtown areas, but will enforce a zero tolerance policy for criminal conduct.  As a reminder alcohol consumption and smoking are not permitted anywhere in the downtown areas of Arcata.

There are many alternative events for adults to enjoy on Halloween from live concerts to dancing.  The APD encourages people to act responsibly, respect the community, designate a driver, and have responsible fun.