Eureka Police Department press release:

On 04/01/15 at about 7:58 a.m., Detectives with the Eureka Police Department’s Problem Oriented Policing Unit (POP) served a search warrant at one of Floyd Squires’ apartments on the 800 block of H Street.  The warrant was obtained after an officer received information about drug sales occurring in a room on the premises.  

During a search of the room, detectives located heroin packaged for sales, packaging materials, scales, and over $1,300 in cash.  One subject was detained and released and two were arrested and transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility. 

Paul Scott Yuron, 33, was arrested for possession of heroin and probation violation.  Rebecca Kathleen Chapa, 30, was arrested for maintaining a drug house, possession of heroin for sale, and probation violation.  While in the jail, Chapa was found to have 15 individual bags of heroin and Suboxone on her person.  Suboxone is a controlled substance usually used to treat Opiate addition.  An additional charge of bringing a controlled substance into the jail was added for Chapa.

From the City of Eureka Public Works Director, Brian Gerving:

833 H Street is one of the 26 properties owned by Floyd and Betty Squires in the City of Eureka that have been the subject of litigation for several years.  Neighboring property owners successfully sued the Squireses for allowing 833 H Street to negatively impact their property values and way of life.

In January 2011, the City filed a civil case against the Squireses, asking that all 26 properties be placed in the control of a receiver, who would be tasked with bringing the properties into full compliance with state and local regulations.  In 2013, after several phases of trial, Superior Court Judge Dale Reinholtsen appointed a receiver over the properties to review conditions and report back to the court.  A final decision is pending from the court.  It is the City’s firm belief that continued mismanagement of the properties not only places the occupants at significant risk but, as demonstrated with today’s arrests, contributes to neighborhood blight and crime in the surrounding area.

The Eureka Police Department has responded to the 833 H Street address nearly 160 times since January of 2014.    

Anyone with information regarding suspected drug sales in the city limits of Eureka is asked to call the POP office at (707) 441-4373.