2:15 a.m.: “Game Over” | Photos Leon Villagomez

Regardless of how you define the term, most Humboldters would agree that Arcata is our region’s most colorful population cluster — from the Plaza’s class collisions to the serenity of the Marsh, from the starkness of the Bottoms to the youthful bustle of Humboldt State University. Some of Humboldt’s other burgs won’t admit it, but they’re totally jealous of your mojo, Arcata. Keep on. 

In celebration of that aliveness, local photographer and LoCO superfriend Leon Villagomez has set aside 24 hours of his time on this planet to specifically chronicle a day in the life of his current home. We are in the middle of said allotment now. Surprise! 

Because everything needs a hashtag these days, for this particular project he’s going with #Arcata24hr. We are almost 10 hours in and it seems to be going pretty well. If Arcata has a place in your heart (or even if it doesn’t), LoCO would highly encourage y’all to follow Leon on Instagram and <3 his shots. 

Leon was kind enough to let us grab a few pics, see below. Again, way more here.

12:20 a.m.: “Bed Time”

6:10 a.m.: “Poet”

7:33 a.m.: “Todd”

7:17 a.m.: “Victorian”

8:58 a.m.: “Do Not Disturb”

8:28 a.m.: “Yes!”