Benji Banderas (born Jan. 29, 1947, San Jose, Calif.) – artist, inventor, painter, friend of many and father of three – passed away at home on Feb. 12, 2015.

Benji will be remembered as the incredibly hard working ranch hand for the McBride Ranch near CR, as the sculptor of natural redwood megalithic furniture, as the painter of award-winning still lifes, as the artistic welder who created steel Earths, ballerinas, rocking chairs, wolves and bells, as the owner of every tool under the sun and as a friend of many who knew him at the coffee houses, art galleries, music events and fairs.

Benji was the youngest of 11 children of Pedro Banderas and Emilia Paez Banderas. He is survived by his three children, Betty Manley, Gabriel Banderas and Lela Vasquez.

Benji was raised by his loving foster parents, Jimmy and Pat Bellah, along with their own children.

Please join us at Main Street Art Gallery, 1006 Main Street , Fortuna on Sunday, July 26 from 12 to 5 p.m. for a potluck gathering & memorial celebration of life for Benji Banderas. A favorite story or memory of Benji to share would be most welcome. Bring a potluck dish if you want. Please come one and all to eat, laugh and share memories. Call (707) 845-2038 for questions.


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