A dead whale washed ashore on the Lost Coast Trail. Photos provided by Mark Scatchard, Shoogoo and Juggles.

A group of hikers happened upon two dead whales this week during their 10th annual whiskey drinking trip down The Lost Coast Trail.

Hiker Mark Scatchard said the whales’ locations were spread about 10 miles apart.

“On our annual pilgrimage down the Lost Coast Trail this week, we saw not one, but two dead whales,” Scatchard said. “One in Cooskie Creek, not sure how it got up there, and one just south of Shipman’s Creek. The one on the beach was freshly dead and there were no signs of net marks, crab pots, ropes or buoys.”

A group of whiskey drinking hikers.

The same whale.

A badly decomposed whale found in Cooskie Creek.