Photos by Andrew Goff.

UPDATE, 3 p.m.: More on This Morning’s Humboldt Hill Grow House Raid

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Humboldt Hill residents threw up the LoCOsignal first thing this morning, wondering what was up with the large-scale Sheriff’s Office presence on Kipling Drive.

We tailed it up there and found the Humboldt County Drug Task Force serving a search warrant for weed. Lieutenant George Cavinta, DTF’s head honcho, told Andrew Goff that four people have been detained at the house in question, on the 2200 block of Kipling. Cavinta said that what the task force entered the house, they found that every room, from the garage to every bedroom, had been converted to marijuana cultivation. There was also a greenhouse in back.

In addition, Cavinta said that some neighbors of the house reported that they had been robbed within the last 24 hours. The stolen property was located inside the target house.