UPDATE, MONDAY, 9:50 a.m.: Photographer Seim Kuruc managed to catch the bomb-bot blowing up the suspicious object (which turned out to be unexplosive, on its own).

Says Kuruc: “There is no audio, but it definitely made a boom, as evidenced by the footage. Also, several pieces of the device fell on the roof of Rita’s, right near where i was standing. I recovered part of a pipe end cap and turned that over to EPD!”


We weren’t going to do this post, but people keep pinging us about it, so…

That large police presence at Figueiredo’s Video on Harris Street is in response to yet another of those “suspicious objects found” calls that we’ve had so many of in recent months. The call came in a little after 4:30 p.m.:


Readers are reporting that Harris Street is closed at Union for the moment. See photo below.

Given the long history of these things turning out to be nothing at all, your Lost Coast Outpost is going to go ahead and finish cooking Sunday dinner for its family without going postal on this incident. However: We’ll keep an ear on the situation, and please do send us an email or a Facebook message if you know more.


Reader-submitted photo.

Reader photo.