This is a head scratcher. KHUM just got off the phone with KMUD News’ Terri Klemetson, who updated us on the Island mountain situation.

“Residents in the Island Mountain area are not happy with law enforcement as of three o’clock this afternoon,” Klemetson said.

The picture she painted goes like this: Sheriffs are asking people to keep their eyes out and call law enforcement if the suspects are spotted. But when the suspects were apparently spotted “brandishing sticks” and law enforcement was called out, sheriffs were not feelin’ it. 

“Local residents were following them on foot and continued to track their movements. Meanwhile, Sheriff’s officers were called. The deputies got to the scene and did speak with local residents at the New Harris General Store but the deputies did not contact the suspects. 

Undersheriff Honsal reportedly said after speaking with the deputies that the deputies looked out along the long expansive ranchland and said that the suspects were about two and a half miles away and that the hike supposedly “was not worth just a field interview.“”

Klemetson emphasized that the situation was dynamic and she’d be updating as more information became available. 

(AUDIO) Klemetson

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