A large duffel bag full of baseball gear was stolen from a residence in Arcata last night, Arcata Little League volunteer Bill Strand told KHUM today. 

Strand, a coach and umpire with the league, said he “woke up this morning and found that the huge duffel bag that carries all the youth bats, helmets, catcher’s gear, baseballs, all that stuff was MIA.”

“It’s a huge, huge duffel bag with kind of a C-shaped zipper, to be able to shove all that stuff in there.”

Strand said the bag contained:

  • “half-dozen youth baseball bats”
  • “half-dozen helmets”
  • “two sets of full catchers gear”
  • “baseballs”

“It doesn’t really have much value to an adult. It’s just all my boys’ gear and we’ve got a game at ten in the morning tomorrow…” said Strand.  He added that the gear was new this season. 

Hear Strand’s call for help from the community on KHUM below. 

Strand on KHUM

If you have any information about the gear’s whereabouts, please call Bill Strand at (707) 496-4379.