Above: Wikipedian Llama

When Humboldt posts on LoCO‘s Facebook wall, LoCO tries to provide Humboldt with answers. Admittedly, we don’t get around to every query, but this one right here seemed like a fun one to crowdsource a response to. 

In short, a new-to-Humboldt woman would like to take her daughter to see llamas for the kid’s birthday. Where can that happen?

Now, when LoCO was growing up, there was an awesome peacock-sprinkled llama and goat farm on Hookton Road overlooking southern Humboldt Bay. Sadly, that seems to have dried up, so we don’t know what to tell this lady. (I mean, there’s the Sequoia Park Zoo, sure, but this mama specifically asked for a “farm,” OK?)

How ‘bout it, Humboldt? Do you like it when children smile? OK, then. WHERE ARE LLAMAS?

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Original post below: 

Hi am new to Humboldt county, am in the area of Fortuna. I was wondering does any one know where I can find a llama farm…

Posted by Iliana Rodriguez on Wednesday, February 24, 2016