People have been pinging us all this week about law enforcement convoys headed up into the hills, most often towing a chipper, which cops use to shred marijuana plants on-scene at the site of a raid. Yesterday people were asking us about a convoy headed up Highway 36. Today, one person asks us about a similar scene on Highway 101 early this morning.

We haven’t yet been able to get through to anyone from the Humboldt County Drug Task Force today. Presumably they’re all out there, raiding. But if you needed a reminder that busting season is in full swing, you need look no further than today’s BOOKED. The Drug Task Force arrested three people on marijuana cultivation charges yesterday, when our correspondents saw their trucks going up 36:

They are: 42-year-old Konstadin Ilieu Birseriukov, 28-year-old Dimitar Andreeu Dimitrov and 24-year-old Jackson Walker Burns. All were released on bail yesterday.

We’re attempting to get more details on the raid, and on continuing Drug Task Force operations.