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It’s harvest season in Northern California, and with that brings trimmigrants.

People travel to Humboldt, Mendocino and Trinity Counties from all over the globe, dollar signs in their eyes and ready to hitch a ride into the hills. All so they can trim cannabis in the renowned Emerald Triangle.

But some cities see more trimmigrants than others. Willow Creek, in particular, has seen a hefty influx of trimmigrants over the past month. So LoCO went there to check it out.

In our video report, we meet Jack, a fisherman from Oregon who’s frequented Willow Creek since he was a kid. But now he’s there looking for trim work to pay his bills back home. He says its difficult, however, because the increased number of trimmers are flooding the market.

“A week ago I probably saw 200 people down here,” he says. “Everywhere.”

A young man from Quebec, Canada who goes by “Rolando” concurs. But he blames it on gender discrimination. “If you’re a girl, you can get a job in a New York minute. They just want girls. Which is frustrating. Really frustrating,” he says.

Many trimmigrants don’t seem to have much of a game plan prior to setting foot on Humboldt County soil. They wing it. Rolando says people try to develop strategies to land themselves in a trimmer’s chair immediately upon arrival.

We also talked with a group of friends from France who met in Arcata. They haven’t had much luck getting trim jobs, except for the female, Ida. Unfortunately she tells us her experience wasn’t sunshine and rainbows.

Despite the rough luck they remained optimistic, found ways to pass the time and were happy to be in Humboldt. “Life is beautiful,” they say.