EPD K9 Vex flexes his pecs for the vets … Not those vets.

Humboldt County police, firefighters and sheriff’s officers are getting swolle for the troops.

Local emergency personnel are participating in the “22 Push-up Challenge,” a national trend designed to raise awareness of a Department of Veterans Affairs statistic which states that on average, 22 American veterans committed suicide everyday in 2012.

The gist of the online challenge is to record yourself doing 22 pushups a day for 22 days, and then post the videos online to promote awareness of the mental health issues that many veterans face.

Humboldt law enforcement and emergency personnel have formed an online Facebook group called “Humboldt First Responder Push up Challenge,” where they are still posting push-up videos on a daily basis.

The videos vary between somber to humorous in nature.

Some of the better videos include EPD K9 Vex doing doggie push-ups, Eureka Police Chief Andy Mills’s 80-year-old mother going beast mode, and Mills himself doing some late-night ups with a pack of racoons.

Today is the 16th day of their challenge. You can follow the page by clicking the link above. We’ve also embedded a few of the best videos below. Get pumped, Humboldt!

Undersheriff William Honsal gets the department pumped pp.

Chief Mills and the raccoons.

Humboldt Bay Fire’s Bill Gillespie sweats for the vets.

Great-grandma Mills shows off her beast mode.