Wednesday afternoon progress | Photo: Caltrans

Here’s your Wednesday afternoon status report from Caltrans on the slide-gobbled section of Highway 101 just north of Leggett:


US101 CLOSURE UPDATE 4/26 4:45 PM:

Our contractors have been able to resume work after slide activity closed the highway again last night. The slide has been sporadically active throughout the day, with work being suspended during periods of increased slide activity.

We’re cautiously optimistic that we may be able to restore one-way traffic by this weekend.

In related news, SoHum resident Wendy Kornberg is enjoying a moment as Humboldt County’s most celebrated disaster videographer. Her eye-popping video of last night’s re-slidening has been picked up by major media outlets the world over. Hear her discuss her experience further in an interview with KMUD Radio below.