Numerous LoCO readers have bemoaned long delays — over half an hour, by some reports! — on Highway 101 as Caltrans continues work on the monstrous Horseshoe Slide north of Leggett (map below). 

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But temporary relief is on its way, thank Jah! Caltrans has announced that they will take a little break at the end of this week so that Reggae on the River festival goers can get to both reggae and river ASAP.

Caltrans explains their intentions below: 


Due to anticipated high traffic volumes for Reggae on the River, work at the Horseshoe Slide north of Leggett in Mendocino County will be suspended this weekend.

Signalized one-way traffic control will still be in effect, but extended delays will not be in place Friday, August 4th through Monday, August 7th. Work *will* be taking place on Thursday, but will be halted if delays begin to exceed 30 minutes.