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The Arcata Police Department and family of Humboldt State University student Erin Henry are desperate for leads regarding her whereabouts. Henry is a 5’ 8” tall blonde with hazel eyes and has a broken ankle.

She is reported to have last been seen by her roommate the night of Nov. 25 at their apartment on the 100 block of Samoa Boulevard in Arcata.

After learning of Henry’s mysterious disappearance, several of her family members quickly traveled many miles to get here.

“It’s been an emotional roller coaster. We’ve been on edge going on a week now since we found out about her disappearance, so it’s really hard,” said Henry’s older brother Ian Henry. “We’re trying to cope with it as best we can and we’re just trying to find her and bring her back safe.”

Henry’s family says she’s caring, loving, and responsible. So it’s baffling that her wallet, phone, keys and vehicle were all left behind, but she and her blue knee scooter were gone without a trace.

But the family is optimistic and hopeful she will be found, and law enforcement is hesitant to jump to conclusions since they say there have been no signs of foul play.

However, law enforcement does say time is a factor and they need any and all the information they can get, quickly — especially since the APD did not start investigating Henry’s disappearance until it was reported, which was five days later.

“Time is huge because we don’t know what circumstances Erin may be in, and if they are dangerous circumstances, every day that goes on enhances that danger,” said Arcata police officer, Richard Bergstresser.

He emphasizes that community support and participation is critical at this time. Spread the word, share it over social media, follow the Find Erin Henry Facebook page, and print the MISSING flyers if possible and post them in your area because they currently have no idea where to start conducting official search parties.

In this LoCO Video Report hear more from the family and learn about what all’s happened thus far in the investigation.