Former Ferndale Elementary Teacher Fran Moriarty Fischer was recently featured in a California Lottery Valentine’s Day ad aimed at inspiring viewers to “#ThankATeacher.”

The commercial, which hit the internet on Thursday, also stars Ferndale’s very own rock ‘n’ roll, celebrity chef Guy Fieri, who publicly thanks Fischer for being an influential part of his frosted-tipped rocket to success.

“When I was in eighth grade I had this amazing teacher Fran Fischer,” Fieri says in the commercial. “She made an enormous impact on my life, and I’ve been waiting my whole life to say thank you.”

But that’s not all. The Ferndale Enterprise reports that after the shoot, Fieri also surprised Fischer by offering her an all-expenses paid cruise of her choice as an added expression of gratitude.

The Enterprise also reports that People Magazine sent a photographer to cover Fieri‚Äôs trip to Ferndale. The story will run on

Check out the commercial posted above.

A warm, yet frosty moment from the commercial.