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Brace yourself and grab some tissue, because this LoCO Video Report might have you on an emotional roller coaster.

It’s a complex story of a pit bull named Daisy, her former owner (a heroin addict named Jason Methot), the power of social media, the meaning of man’s best friend, and never giving up hope.  

After living on the streets of San Jose with Methot, Daisy ultimately wound up in the city’s animal shelter, set to be euthanized due to her aggressive temperament. But through a crazy network of posts and shares on Facebook, Daisy was taken from the shelter and brought to a rescue in Humboldt.

This is where she found her forever home with Fortuna dog trainer Janna Campillo. Daisy’s out-of-control behavior was rehabilitated, and she has become Campillo’s personal assistant for dog training classes and hikes.

While Daisy was making her transformation, Methot was doing the same.

“Jason was going away to a six month program to get another chance, and then she had that same opportunity. It was like a double miracle,” said Christi.  

Methot was able to win the battle against heroin after being at his lowest: stealing, panhandling, being homeless, getting arrested and ultimately losing his sidekick, Daisy.

Over time, Janna learned about Daisy’s past through social media and Methot’s stepmother Christi. She even discovered that the last time Daisy and Jason saw each other was when they were traumatically torn apart during Methot’s arrest.

Campillo felt the need for both Daisy and Methot to finally have closure, and that they deserved to see each other. So, we went to San Jose for a reunion. 

“I think the most important message is to never give up hope on people or animals,” said Campillo. “Both Jason and Daisy went through a lot and they really were both in a position, at the same time, where either one could have very easily lost their life. And also people very well could have just given up on them numerous times during their recovery process. But there is always hope to turn things around.”