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The Eureka Police Department’s Volunteer Abatement Team started exactly one year ago and recently hit its 300th tow.

During the past year the team has come across some of the most derelict vehicles imaginable, including RVs and even a boat.

“Most are in such disrepair,” said volunteer abatement officer Debby Brantley. “A lot don’t have wheels or tires, the people fill them up with junk. Literally, you can’t get in the car because it’s so full of trash or garbage. Then a lot of times they’ll tow it to a location and just leave it as if it were a garbage can.” 

But there’s no stopping this fierce force. They’re already back out in the new year, ridding Eureka’s streets of the blight.

The team is made up of three loyal members that go out twice a week and have devoted hundreds of hours to the cause. The team also credits its success to the support from local tow companies, such as Humboldt Towing, who tows the vehicles for less than 25 percent of the average rate.

In this LoCO Video Report we head out with the team and see the aftermath of a van abandoned on Waterfront Drive and get a real feel of what the team is dealing with.