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(VIDEO) Par for the Corpse? YouTube Clip Seems to Show Eureka Cemetery Maintenance Workers Golfing on Graves

I mean, yeah, the holes are bigger… but c’mon, dude

Sure, there’s acres and acres of finely manicured grass, but societal norms still seem to hold that a cemetery is not a preferred place to to work on your golf game. 

So when a video that appears to show a golf club-wielding maintenance worker up at Ocean View Cemetery in Eureka takin’ a stroke started making the rounds online, understandably some in the community were teed off. 

Local video blogger Kate Newton and her family were driving through the cemetery yesterday. She shared her experience in the description to the YouTube clip below.

“Today we caught something disturbing on video,” Newton writes. “Maintenance men at Ocean View Cemetery in Eureka golfing on top of graves in the veterans’ section. When we realized what was happening and started heading their way, they immediately grabbed their clubs and ball and went to their vehicles.” 

“If they’ll golf on veteran’s graves, what else are they doing where our loved ones are?” Newton wondered.

Upset by the clip, others took to social media to share their disgust.

“I CAN NOT believe that the maintenance guys play GOLF on the graves of our relatives and VETERANS!!! SHAMEFUL!” wrote one commenter on the cemetery’s Facebook page. 

The Outpost spoke briefly with Ocean View Cemetery administrator Don McCombs who kindly told us that he was very much aware of the video before reading a prepared statement” 

“We are appalled, we are looking into it and we will take appropriate action up to and including terminating any employee involved at any time,” McCombs said. 

The Outpost will update when we hear more.  



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