Here is where Eureka’s corp yard will NOT relocate to

The City of Eureka has heard you, citizens, and your baseball field is now safe. 

After much neighborhood outcry, including impassioned public comment at recent Eureka City Council meeting and the circulation of online petition that garnered over 400 signatures, the City of Eureka has relented, announcing today it would remove Kennedy Field from consideration as a new location for city’s corp yard. Hang up your pitchforks.

Read more about the City of Eureka’s decision below:


For the past several months the City of Eureka has been reviewing potential alternatives for relocation of the city’s Corporation Yard. This has been spurred by an interest from Costco in expanding their store on 14th Street, and purchasing the city’s current Corp Yard to accommodate the need for additional parking. In addition, the city has long recognized the need to move the Corp Yard out of the tsunami zone, so that we can respond to a widespread emergency should a large scale earthquake result in tsunami damage.

One site that had been under consideration was the area of Kennedy Field located east of the water treatment plant on W. Street, and across from the Sequoia Park Zoo. After further study and concerns from the community, the Kennedy Field site has been removed from consideration. The City will continue to examine alternative sites located outside of the tsunami zone to ensure that in the event of a large Cascadia quake, that the City will be in the best possible position to perform emergency response related activities and to ensure continuity of service for our residents.