Eureka Police Department press release: 


The Eureka Police Department received reports from two local businesses today warning of a bomb planted inside their businesses.

The threats were sent via email to employees stating that an explosive device had been hidden inside the business and would be detonated if the employee did not send $20,000 dollars in bitcoin to a specific bitcoin address.

USA Today newspaper reports:

“A torrent of bomb threats emailed to universities, businesses, schools and news outlets Thursday from New York City to San Francisco sent police departments scrambling to sort out what appeared to be a nationwide electronic hoax aimed at extorting bitcoins from its targets”.

The New York City Police Department said the threats were meant to cause disruption and compel recipients into sending money and were not considered credible.”

The Eureka Police Department investigated the threats and found no credible threat. “These threats seem consistent with similar threats happening nationally,” stated EPD Sergeant Cory Crnich. “We found no explosive devices in or around the businesses.”

The Eureka Police Department is publicizing this scam in case other businesses received similar emails.