The Bristol Rose Cafe, a restaurant located within the Eureka Inn, was shut down yesterday for a flurry of health code violations.

The Humboldt County Department of Health and Human Services documented 16 total violations during yesterday’s inspection, five of which were major health hazards.

“Based on imminent health hazards consisting of rodent infestation, contamination of food preparation surfaces with rodenticide and contamination from a broken sewer pipe, this facility has been closed and the permit suspended by Humboldt County Division of Environmental Health,” the inspection report reads. “The facility may not reopen or prepare food until permit is reinstated by DEH.”

Among the numerous violations found by the health inspector, some of the worst were: improperly stored milk, moldy food and wine bottles inside a walk-in refrigerator, rat poison laying around on kitchen countertops, rat tracks leading across a kitchen table, rat feces in the restaurant, the Palm Lounge bar and the continental breakfast area (which wasn’t permitted in the first place), sewage stains on a wall in the area of a previously broken sewage pipe, improperly stored foods accessible to rats, egress holes where rodents can come and go from the building as they please, dirty surfaces that may or may not have been covered in rat poison and cans of personal use cockroach and bed bug sprays in the facility.

A number of other less serious offenses included clogged sinks, leaky faucets, greasy buildup on the cook line, personal food items stored among public foods in the kitchen, failing floors, ceilings and walls, and no paper towels in the bathroom.

The restaurant is permitted to Eureka Inn owner Libo Zhu, who took over the Inn in 2010 after its previous owner John Edward Biord was prosecuted for misappropriating $117,235 in hotel taxes collected from patrons in 2004.

A few passages from the inspection report.