Humboldt has been the backdrop of many famous Hollywood scenes: Luke Skywalker’s speeder chase through the forest moon of Endor, the dinosaur-infested rainforest in Stephen Spielberg’s “Lost World: Jurassic Park” —  and now Humboldt hits the big screen as a hole of shit.

“An Evening With Beverly Luff Linn,” which crews spent a month filming in Eureka and Arcata last year, made its debut at the Sundance Film Festival last week.

Director Jim Hosking and big-time celebs Craig Robinson and Aubrey Plaza sat down with the Hollywood Reporter last month to discuss the movie. During the interview (seen above), Hosking is asked to give a 15-second description of the movie. That’s when he reveals Humboldt County’s big role in the film.

“It’s about a mysterious man who comes to a shithole town in the middle of nowhere with his platonic partner to perform a mysterious event,” Hosking said.

At last, the part Humboldt was born to play.

Humboldt-Del Norte Film Commissioner Cassandra Hesseltine attended the premier and said it was hi-larious, though the film is receiving mixed reviews thus far.

“I saw the premiere at Sundance,” Hesseltine said. “It’s a hilarious dark comedy. It was fun to see the Eureka Inn amongst other Humboldt locations and so many locals on the big screen with the fabulous cast the director put together. I can’t wait for a wider audience to get a chance to see it and us on the big screen.”

The “shithole” city of Eureka.