A photo from the Speedy Taco Facebook page.

UPDATE, 3/5: The tacos are back. DHHS reinspected Speedy Taco #2 today and found that all issues noted below had been addressed. The food truck is cleared for re-opening.

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Original Post: Eureka’s Speedy Taco #2 food truck was shut down yesterday after the Department of Health and Human Services measured its hot water to be lower than the required 120 degrees.

“Measured two-compartment sink to be 98 [degrees Fahrenheit,]” the DHHS health inspection report reads. “Water must be provided at the waterwash sink at 120F at all times. This major violation will require closure of the food facility until water measured at a minimum of 110 F can be provided to the warewash sink.”

Several other minor infractions were noted in the report, including whole tomatoes and heads of lettuce in the truck — which are required to be pre-cut at an off-site commissary, sealed beverages stored beneath unshielded sewer lines, food removed from original containers not properly labeled, the use of a household microwave — opposed to one approved by the National Sanitation Foundation, and a cracked ceiling panel.

Screenshots taken from the DHHS inspection report.