Warning: naughty-naughty language. 

UPDATE, 3:10 p.m.:

Free-diver Tarney Haussler shares her account of the shark encounter seen below with the Outpost: (VIDEO) Shark Mauls Seal on Humboldt Bay; Diver Describes Close Encounter


Two separate videos showing a monster shark swimming directly beneath kayakers were reportedly recorded in Humboldt County yesterday.

One video (seen above) posted by YouTube user LoletaEric shows, what the recorder of the video claims, is a 12-foot long, 1,000-pound great white swimming underneath his kayak in Cape Mendocino.

“I hooked a GWS, and it basically came right to my ‘yak!” the video description reads.  “Thought I had a huge halibut, and then I saw it more closely. It turned from my ‘yak and was taking line before breaking off. When it re-appeared by other ‘yakkers nearby I thought to get the video going.”

A second video (below) reportedly recorded on the same exact day by YouTube user Reed Gatton, shows what appears to be a great white lumbering through the waters near the Humboldt Bay Jetties.

“Look at the size of that thing!” a person can be heard shouting in the video as the massive meat-eating fish lurks beneath their boat.

The Outpost has not been able to contact the owners of the videos at this time, but will post an update as soon as we learn more.