Photos: Humboldt Bay Fire.

From a Humboldt Bay Fire Facebook post:

This morning Humboldt Bay Fire responded to a different type of a rescue. Dispatchers for the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office heard a subject yelling from within a vent shaft connected to the Humboldt County Courthouse.

At 04:46 hours this morning, Humboldt Bay Fire responded to the Humboldt County Courthouse for a report of a subject trapped in a steam vent that he had illegally entered. Personnel from Truck 8181 lowered a ladder in to the vent shaft but the subject was uncooperative and refused to come out. The crew from Truck 8181 then disassembled the vent ductwork and removed the subject from the vent shaft with assistance from Humboldt County Sheriff’s Deputies. City Ambulance was requested as the subject initially stated he had injuries. Upon removal, the patient was transferred to ambulance personnel for transport to a local hospital.

Humboldt Bay Fire want to remind people to never enter ventilation shafts, or confined spaces unless trained to do so and only with the proper equipment.