New blood: Arcata Vice-Mayor Paul Pitino and Mayor Michael Winkler

City of Arcata release:

The Arcata City Council elected Vice-Mayor Michael Winkler to be mayor and Council Member Paul Pitino to be vice-mayor in a special meeting that took place on Thursday, December 12.

The City’s Municipal Code requires the Arcata City Council to select the mayor and vice-mayor annually at a special meeting held each December. Both Mayor Winkler and Vice-Mayor Pitino will serve in their new roles for one year. The mayor of Arcata’s duties includes presiding at Council meetings, representing the Council at community events and performing other ministerial duties, and the vice-mayor will preside in the event of the mayor’s absence.

“I’d like to thank the Council for the opportunity to serve as mayor in 2019, it was such an honor to serve Arcata in this capacity. I’d also like to thank City staff and City Manager Karen Diemer for their extra support during my time as mayor. I look forward to continuing to serve the City and our community as a council member for years to come, and I encourage members of the public to reach out to me if they have any issues they’d like to discuss,” said Brett Watson, Council Member and outgoing Mayor.

Of his appointment, Mayor Winkler said, “As mayor, I would like to challenge myself, the Council and members of the public to do everything we can to treat each other with respect, and we must look to others as having positive motives in their opinions and stances on community issues, especially in this contentious political environment. I want to thank the residents of Arcata for giving me the opportunity to serve the City, and I would also like to thank the Council for the opportunity to serve as mayor in 2020.”

Mayor Winkler will preside over his first regular Arcata City Council meeting on Wednesday, December 18.