From the Arcata Fire District:

On Sunday evening, December 1, 2019, Arcata Fire District used their new chest compression device while on the scene of a medical emergency call.


The device, known as a LUCAS device (Lund University Cardiopulmonary Assist System), is a mechanical chest compression device that helps firefighters deliver high quality, consistent, chest compressions to sudden cardiac arrest patients. The deployment of this device allows AFD to utilize firefighters to complete other critical tasks while assisting a cardiac arrest patient. The utilization of the tool during transport in the ambulance is safer for the firefighters and better for the patient. It is difficult to provide effective CPR, with minimal interruptions, in a moving ambulance. In addition, standing and performing manual chest compressions in a moving ambulance puts the rescuer’s safety at risk.

The LUCAS is on the fire engine with the on-duty crews housed at the District’s Mad River Station on Janes Road. AFD’s new device is currently the only one in the county and was gifted to Arcata Fire District from a grant of the Christine & Jalmer Berg Foundation and the. Grants are being sought to furnish the on-duty firefighters at the Arcata and McKinleyville stations with these devices as well.

The Arcata Fire District would like to encourage everyone to learn CPR and help save a life.

Firefighter poses with LUCAS.