Eureka Police Department press release: 

On 01/30/2019 at about 6:27 pm, Officers of the Eureka Police Department (EPD) responded to the 100 block of Henderson Street for a reported assault with a deadly weapon.

Justin Carlson

Upon arrival, officers interviewed the victim. Based on the interview it was determined that the suspect, identified as Justin Blaine Carlson (45 Years old) was involved in an argument with the victim. The victim and Carlson are housemates. During the argument, Carlson slapped the victim in the face, picked up a maul, and threw it at the victim, striking the victim in the leg. After the assault Carlson fled to his portion of the residence (apartment).

Officers attempted to contact Carlson, who was very agitated and became very uncooperative. He refused to speak with officers face to face or open the door. He yelled incoherently and could be seen through the window pacing back and forth in the apartment. Carlson began barricading his apartment and attempts to gain Carlson’s compliance were unsuccessful. He would simply yell profanities and ramble incoherently in response to officer’s attempts to negotiate. At one point he spat at officers and threw objects at them.

Due to Carlson’s increasing agitation and his actions being irrational, Humboldt County Mental Health was contacted and a request for a clinician to respond to assist in negotiations.

Officers and the mental health clinician made numerous attempts, over a three plus hour period, to communicate with Carlson and negotiate his voluntary exit from his apartment. None of those attempts proved successful. While negotiations took place, an arrest warrant application for Carlson was written and ultimately signed by a Humboldt County Superior Court Judge.

It became obvious that negotiations and de- escalation efforts were failing, when Carlson began fortifying his position. Due to Carlson’s agitation and fortification it was decided that service of the warrant was necessary.

Officers forced entry into the residence, pursuant to the authority of the warrant, and took Carlson into custody, after a short struggle and use of a Taser.

Officers transported Carlson to St. Joseph Hospital for medical clearance, prior to booking.

Carlson was booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility (HCCF) on fresh charges of assault with a deadly weapon, assault on a police officer and resisting arrest. He is being held on $40,000.

This is an ongoing investigation and further details will be released when they become available.