A carbon monoxide alarm | AFD.

Arcata Fire District press release:

McKinleyville, CA - On the evening of Tuesday May 14, Arcata Fire District was dispatched to an alarm activating in an apartment complex in McKinleyville. Upon arrival, the engine company met with the reporting party and was directed to an unoccupied apartment that was under renovation. An audible alarm was sounding within the apartment.

Arcata Fire forced entry and quickly identified the alarm to be a carbon monoxide alarm/detector activation. Carbon monoxide levels inside the apartment were detected to be far above acceptable levels.

Fire personnel shut off all natural gas service to the apartment and ventilated the affected unit. Occupants of adjacent apartments were contacted and carbon monoxide was also found in the upstairs apartment. Ventilation efforts continue throughout the entire apartment complex. Upon completion of ventilation, carbon monoxide levels were nonexistent.

Early notification by tenants and quick action taken by Arcata Fire personnel eliminated a potential multi casualty event.

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas. At sustained high levels, it is considered toxic and potentially deadly.
Residences with fuel burning appliances are required to have a carbon monoxide alarm/detector installed on each floor of the residence to notify occupants of potential toxic concentration levels. If a carbon monoxide alarm/detector activates, call 9-1-1 and evacuate to clean air immediately.

Carbon monoxide alarms/detectors should be mounted per manufacturer’s instructions. Smoke Alarms/Detectors are also required in all residential houses, apartments and duplexes; they should be installed in each sleeping room, common areas outside sleeping rooms, and common rooms other than kitchens and bathrooms.