A documentary looking into the murder of Josiah Lawson is set to air on KCET, a PBS affiliate based out of Southern California, on Oct. 22.

In a minute-long preview for the show “SOCAL Connected,” a short clip of Charmaine Lawson can be seen with her saying “stand with me, fight with me,” among other shots of Humboldt County and previews for the other shows. The summary for the show on the KCET website reads: “A Humboldt town is polarized over allegations of racism and police incompetence surrounding the death of college student Josiah Lawson.”

Josiah Lawson was stabbed multiple times at a house party in Arcata on April 15, 2017. The case has yet to be solved, but a McKinleyville man named Kyle Zoellner was first arrested on suspicion of the murder weeks after the incident. Zoellner’s case was dismissed by Superior Court Judge Dale Reinholtsen because prosecutors failed to present evidence sufficient enough for Zoellner to stand trial. 

A criminal Grand Jury earlier this year heard testimony from 25 witnesses that included forensics and DNA experts and decided not to issue any indictments for the case.