Pacific Gas and Electric is holding a press conference in San Francisco at the moment. Of greatest immediate interest: They’ve now pushed the Humboldt portion of the blackout to 9 p.m. or thereafter — takes ‘em a while to shut things down, apparently — and they’re forecasting a weather “all-clear” to be issued at around 4 p.m. Sunday.

Now, as they take pains to make clear: The “all-clear” doesn’t mean that power magically comes back on at 4 p.m. They’re going to inspect lines before they fire us back up. That might mean that the outage will stretch into Monday or longer, depending on if damage has been done.

So that’s the latest. Here’s a video of the press conference, which as of this writing is still underway. If you’re interested in the Humboldt stuff mentioned above, fast forward (or rewind) to minute mark 12:20. (You may have to click here to rewind/fast-forward):