Firefighters John Evenson and Will Smith rescue a crow behind the McKinleyville Safeway.| Arcata Fire District.

The Arcata Fire District responded to an unusual rescue call in McKinleyville yesterday afternoon, after an entangled crow was reported to be hanging from a tree.

AFD Captain John Evenson told the Outpost that firefighters found a crow dangling 12 feet up a tree with fishing line wrapped around the tip of its wing when they arrived on scene.

“We’ve rescued dogs, cats, horses and cows,” Everson said. “This is the first crow.”

Firefighters used a ladder and pike pole to remove the bird from the tree before freeing it from the line with a pocket knife.

“I think [the crow] was pretty tired because it was probably hanging there for more than an hour,” he said. “It sat there for a couple of minutes and then hopped off.”

The crow was reportedly seen flying away after regaining its strength.