United States Department of Agriculture press release:

Current Situation: The Red Salmon Complex consists of the Red and Salmon Fire located on the Six Rivers, Shasta-Trinity, and Klamath National Forests. All fires are being managed for full suppression utilizing minimum impact suppression techniques.

Red Fire: The fire continues to burn within established containment lines. Last night firefighters were successful with burning operations increasing and strengthening lines on the northwest and western portion of the fire. Active fire behavior today will again produce smoke visible from the surrounding areas. Crews will focus on reinforcing lines especially those on the northwest and west side of the fire from Mill Creek Gap to Blacks Lake. Protection efforts for historical and cultural sites around Salmon Summit and High Point Trail Head will continue. The spot fire near Prospect Peak east of the Red Fire grew yesterday as the very steep and rugged terrain continues to challenge firefighters. Today’s efforts will be directed toward establishing containment lines along Whiteys Ridge and utilizing the 04 road along the old Butler Fire to halt movement toward the northwest. Aircraft will again be used to support crews on the ground and cool hot spots as needed.

Salmon Fire: With containment at 79 percent, fire activity will remain minimal as crews continue mop-up operations. The strategy is for this fire and the Red Fire to burn together along the northwest corner of the Salmon Fire.

Weather: A Red Flag Warning will be in effect for the fire and surrounding areas due to expected abundant lighting. Little or no precipitation is expected. A strong high pressure system persists over the region causing low valley inversions and smoke settling in area drainages and valleys. Cloud cover could occur over the fire and surrounding area will result in slightly cooler temperatures and slightly higher humidity.

Air quality: The massive high-pressure system in the area may result in more smoke in the valleys creating unhealthy morning air conditions. Refer to fires.airfire.org/outlooks/NWCalifornia.
Closures: The Red-Salmon Fire Complex Forest Closure became effective on August 8, 2020. The full Forest Closure Order can be found on Inciweb. inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/6891

COVID-19: COVID-19 precautions are a priority at all incident camps with daily temperature screenings of personnel and implementing measures such as wearing face coverings and social distancing to prevent coronavirus spread. Community and firefighter safety are a top priority of both the incident management team and the National Forests.