Video by Shylee Gillihan.

Humboldt Bay Fire responded to the scene of a large vegetation fire burning in the Eureka Marsh last night.

Reader Shylee Gillihan sent the Outpost this video of the initial fire that could be seen billowing up from the north end of the Bayshore Mall Parking lot.

However, HBF Community Risk Reduction Specialist Amy Conlin told the Outpost today that the fire was mostly extinguished by the time firefighters arrived on scene shortly after 8 p.m. thanks to damp conditions. 

When firefighters reached the scene, Conlin said they found a 30-by-50-foot area of smoldering vegetation, which they doused with water to prevent any further spread.

A strange collection of materials was also reportedly found in the area, but firefighters were unable to determine the cause of the fire.

Three HBF units responded to the scene and had the area mopped-up by 8:38 p.m.