The Humboldt Harm Reduction Coalition — a group of local medical and service organizations — reaches out to the Outpost to let the public know that it’s conducting an anonymous survey of Humboldt County residents to find out what the community thinks about “harm reduction” — what the phrase means, who it’s for, etc.

The coalition would like your feedback. The survey can be found at this link.

Says a coalition member:

We’re trying to measure what Humboldt County people think about Harm Reduction. This survey will help us discover where we can improve our educational efforts.

The Harm Reduction Coalition is a group of community members from various agencies — St. Joseph’s, Open Door, the Humboldt Independent Practice Association, AHHA, HACHR — all working together to address harm reduction-related issues in our community. We have a simple survey, with no “right” or “wrong” answers, to assess the harm reduction knowledge and experience of our friends and followers.

Again: You can take the survey at this link.