Suspect Cristian Verduzco Munguia (left) and the crash scene (right). | Booking photo provided by EPD. Photos of the crash provided by the HCSO.

A wrong-way driver was arrested for DUI in Eureka today after reportedly crashing into a Humboldt County Coroner’s truck that was transporting a deceased person.

Eureka Police Department spokesperson Brittany Powell told the Outpost that 19-year-old Eureka man Cristian Verduzco Munguia was driving near 14th and H Streets at approximately 12:50 a.m., when he collided head-on with the Deputy Coroner.

“The coroner truck had fairly minor damage and was able to be driven from the scene,” Powell said. “The [suspect’s] vehicle had major front-end damage and was towed.”

Neither driver reported suffering a crash-related injury.